We would like you to be a part of our accessible healthy food revolution! Invest in FullSkoop!

With pre-packaged meals available throughout the Bay Area, FullSkoop offers fresh, delicious, chef-driven food in a "farm-to-fridge" approach. Made using local, organic ingredients and in consultation with a certified nutritionist, our meals are healthy and are catered to most dietary needs

FullSkoop is the creation of Chef Jonnatan Leiva, a celebrated and award-winning chef with over a decade of experience in fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants. Stemming from Chef Leiva's desire to provide a fully encompassing, full bounty of nourishing food, he brings his extensive experience to a new realm, aiming to make sustainable, restaurant-quality cuisine available to everyone. The meals are satiating and soulful, in a way no pre-packaged meals have offered before.

FullSkoop's meals are available through several channels in the Bay Area, including specialty grocery stores and vending kiosks seen in gyms like Equinox & Fitness SF. Check back soon for our upcoming section detailing where to find our meals, and join our mailing list to stay up to date.

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